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It wasn’t until 2018 when launching my first business that I realized all these passions could culminate into helping brands maximize their potential.

You could say I’ve always been a fashion enthusiast and data nerd, into crunching numbers and all things email marketing.


Someone once said, "You don't succeed your way to the top, you fail your way to the top." That's certainly true of my journey to become an entrepreneur. It’s a long and difficult one filled with roadblocks and detours.

In fact, I'm an ex-stiletto-heeled pencil skirt-wearing customer success executive turned entrepreneur who is still making mistakes and doing my best to learn and grow from them

I didn’t always have this business: the clients, the course, the sales, the accolades...

Behind the Brand

thus launching my solopreneur journey.

Along the way, I explored retail, working as a bridal consultant and a bookkeeper for a fashion boutique. 

Despite interning at Versace and loving it, financial struggles led me to pivot into the digital space, where I excelled in customer service and eventually led Customer Success at Torstar Digital. After falling in love with the startup world during stints at TouchBistro Canopy Labs, a data analytics firm, I discovered a passion for data and email marketing. When the analytics firm was acquired, my CEO encouraged me to start consulting…

From an early fascination with the transformative power of style, I pursued Fashion Management and unexpectedly started my entrepreneurial journey. Initially, I catered to personal shopping clients and ventured into selling custom-made dress shirts.

It was that journey and countless supporters that enabled me to build my business.

I've had the privilege of steering fashion and beauty brands with annual revenues of $10-60 million towards groundbreaking success. My approach has consistently led to remarkable outcomes: reducing customer acquisition costs, amplifying average order values by 26%, and propelling product sales forward by 30%.

My passion lies in not just launching campaigns, but in meticulously analyzing and refining them to uncover hidden opportunities for revenue enhancement. This has included everything from optimizing existing marketing efforts to pioneering SMS marketing strategies that significantly boost conversions. One of my key achievements has been the development of new SMS programs from scratch, leading to improved signup conversion rates for both email and SMS channels. Through diligent management of deliverability, compliance, and innovative marketing flows, I've unlocked new avenues for incremental revenue growth.

As a staunch advocate for the strategic integration of email and SMS marketing, I've faced and overcome the challenges of campaign optimization and bandwidth constraints. My focus has always been on guiding clients to craft messages that not only resonate with their audience but also align seamlessly with their broader business objectives and financial ambitions.

As an Email Marketing and SMS Campaign Specialist,

in a nutshell

My Extensive Background In Digital Marketing

at a leading marketing analytics firm, I've championed data-driven campaigns that have opened up significant revenue streams. My dedication to understanding customer engagement and optimizing the customer journey, both online and offline, has been the cornerstone of my strategy. A fervent believer in the power of data analysis, I specialize in dissecting customer behavior, segmenting audiences, and personalizing campaigns to meet the unique needs of each segment.

My journey has been one of continuous learning and application of Customer Journey Mapping, focusing on leveraging data-driven insights to enhance client revenue and sales growth. It's this commitment to using actionable insights that empowers business owners to realize their growth potential, setting a new standard for what's possible in digital marketing.

Transitioning to a role as Vice President of Customer Success

all facets of your company.

I use my expertise in all areas to create a well-rounded strategy that is informed by 

I know a thing or two about digital marketing and all that it encompasses. Managing your strategy, I help your brand say goodbye to lost customers and missed revenue streams and hello to email marketing strategies that actually work for your business.

My mission is to empower fashion and beauty brands with elevated marketing solutions that blend data-driven insights, creative vision, and industry expertise. I am committed to becoming the trusted marketing partner that bridges the gap between business objectives and creative aspirations, driving measurable results and fostering sustainable growth within the dynamic fashion landscape. 

Through insights into effective email and SMS marketing, I aim to help brands build stronger connections with customers, boost engagement, and improve their overall bottom line.

Putting together email marketing and SMS campaigns as well as digital marketing strategies for direct-to-consumer & brick and mortar fashion and beauty brands is my specialty.

I now combine my passion for fashion, beauty, data, and email marketing to optimize brands' strategies and drive revenue.

Embracing Startup Culture at TouchBistro


A Digital Media Career Begins with Torstar Digital


Carving My Niche in Fashion Industry Careers

2002 - 2006

where it started

Dreaming Big with Private Shopping Services


Through The Years

I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, offering personalized shopping services to busy professionals. This venture wasn't merely about shopping; it was a mission to provide a bespoke experience, blending my passion for fashion with the convenience professionals craved.

These years were an immersive exploration into the fashion industry, where my professional shopping habits and keen insights began to shape my future. It was a period of intense learning and growth, setting the stage for a meaningful career in fashion.

Transitioning into the digital realm, I joined Torstar Digital, marking a significant pivot in my career. This move allowed me to delve into digital media, understanding its potential to revolutionize how we consume content and engage with the world.

Leaving the corporate world, I ventured into the vibrant startup ecosystem with TouchBistro. This phase was about agility, innovation, and the thrill of contributing to a burgeoning company's growth, embodying the essence of startup culture.

Mastering Data-Driven Marketing at Canopy Labs


At Canopy Labs, I unlocked the potential of data-driven marketing, leveraging analytics for revenue growth strategies. This experience was transformative, showcasing the power of data in crafting successful marketing campaigns.

From Martech Solutions to Personalized Brand Strategies with CX By Design


Founding CX By Design, I initially focused on Martech solutions before pivoting to offer specialized consulting in email and SMS marketing strategies. This evolution reflected my commitment to enhancing direct communication channels for brands, ensuring impactful engagement with their audiences.

Balancing Work and Personal Life as a First-Time Dog Owner


Adopting a dog brought an invaluable balance to my life, teaching me about love, patience, and the joys of furry companionship. This personal milestone added a new dimension to my journey, enriching my experiences beyond the professional sphere.

Aligning with Fashion's Elite


My expertise led me to collaborate with iconic fashion brands, a testament to my fashion career insights and the high-value impact of my work. It was a year of validation and significant achievements in the fashion industry.

Joining the Exclusive Ranks of MarketerHire


My admission into MarketerHire's elite circle of marketing talent marked a significant career milestone. It underscored my dedication to excellence and connected me with a network of top-tier marketing professionals.

Launching 'Born To Be' Podcast and Diving into Food Industry Entrepreneurship


I explored new ventures by launching a podcast and stepping into the DTC brand space within the food industry. These initiatives were about storytelling, sharing passions, and creating impactful ventures, merging my entrepreneurial spirit with innovative content creation.

new phase of growth and evolution

A Bold New Chapter with Business Before Fashion


Rebranding to Business Before Fashion, I embraced a new phase of growth and evolution. This strategic move was about refining my online presence and amplifying my voice in the industry, staying true to my roots while exploring new horizons.

Agree? We could probably be BFFS.

Did I mention my dog?

I splurge on my dog, skincare, food, and all things home. And I refuse to pay shipping fees.

champagne, sushi, caviar, good skincare, music, great food and good laughs.

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artificial people, artificial plants, artificial results, bullsh*t, band-aid fixes, boring anything, multitasking.

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Organizing and time blocking my day…oh and of course my dog!

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Tuesdays with Morrie

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Partnering with me provides fashion and beauty businesses with peace of mind, knowing their email and SMS marketing campaigns are in expert hands, allowing them to focus on other vital aspects of their operations.

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