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Elevated marketing solutions that unlock online revenue streams for fashion & beauty brands 

I specialize in email and SMS campaigns and digital marketing strategies for brick-and-mortar and direct-to-consumer fashion and beauty brands generating $10-60MM annual revenue.


Podcaster, email and SMS marketer, number cruncher, ideas person, dreamer, devoted dog mom, avid online shopper, strategic badass, organization enthusiast

Your goals are my goals, Let me focus on the strategy, so you don’t have to.

Email and SMS marketing should be a source of revenue and growth that businesses can rely on. But too many companies are leaving money on the table and struggling to find the bandwidth to optimize their marketing campaigns.

If your acquisition costs are growing but you’re struggling to meet and exceed your online revenue expectations, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to expand.

Are you a fashion or beauty brand looking for growth?

Hey Executive,


Basically you can call me your newest team member. Once upon a time, I started working with Marketing technology (known as MarTech) SAAS organizations and then accidentally got into working directly with brands and now I’ve found myself here, talking to you. I’m a big believer in personal style, saying what you mean, and asking for exactly what you want.

(not that kind!)

your brand new internet friend with benefits

I’m Sam McGregor,

From my favourite products and latest podcast guests, to what’s trending in the fashion and beauty world, I’ll keep you up to date with what’s happening.


What's Sam

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Here's where I come in

on the menu

I’ll take a deep dive into your current content–from campaigns, flows, and segments to subscriber data–and present a recommendation based on my findings. If you’re new to email marketing, we’ll get you set up with a Klaviyo account and go over an implementation plan.

Klaviyo Account Audit

I’ll provide 2x monthly insights and actionable recommendations for future campaigns based on the metrics from programs currently running.

Optimization, Strategy + Retention Partner 

Get a strategy document mapping key flows so you hit your targets every time.

Done-For-You Email Flows

Let’s chat through current burning questions so we can pinpoint where support is needed and directly target those areas.

1:1 Support

I’ve got your back! Together, let’s monitor and tweak as needed to make sure you get the results you’re looking for. 

Provide Ongoing Support and Feedback


I’ve identified your business goals, audited your content and now it’s time to implement the new strategy! Let’s get ready to roll out the new plans and put them into action.

Present Recommendations & Implementation


Focusing on flows, campaigns, segmentation, and email collection, I’ll provide an in-depth analysis of the health of your program. Once you approve the plan, I’ll set up missing segments and flows and provide your team with everything they need based on my recommendations.

Conduct Email Marketing Audit


The initial conversation and how I get to know you and your business better. I’ll chat about goals and align on a plan to help you achieve them. 



From strategic consults to complete audits, you’re one step closer to your goals. Here’s what working with me will look like. 

the experience

I'm all about slinging tools, tips, templates, and strategies, and that's the real deal you're in for! Seize the moment to snag our A-list resources without spending a dime. 

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unleash the

Unleash the Freebies!

Plunge into the cream of the crop and ignite your hustle. 

My core values revolve around trust, respect, honesty, and excellence. With every client, I seek to build mutual trust to ensure an honest business relationship.

I believe in doing great work and being nice to people

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