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Our Results

The client shared their satisfaction: "After a long search for a true Klaviyo platform expert, I'm so glad I was introduced to Sam! Her ‘how-to-do it’ knowledge and hands-on approach were exactly what we needed. Sam's understanding of the consumer, their shopping behaviour, and seasonal fluctuations made all the difference.

With the comprehensive email audit completed, we experienced tangible improvements in our email marketing strategy. Sam's troubleshooting capabilities and in-depth understanding of Klaviyo were invaluable in streamlining the process. As a small marketing team, the feedback, ideas, and actionable tools provided by Sam proved instrumental in elevating their email channel.

Sam McGregor's contribution went beyond the project, initiating a journey of continuous growth for us. The company now embraces a refined and optimized email marketing strategy, setting the stage for greater success in its future endeavours.”


Throughout the process, I maintained open communication with the team. Beyond the initial project, I offered additional ideas and constructive feedback to enhance the email marketing efforts further. Armed with actionable tools, the team was empowered to continue their growth journey.

Provide Ongoing Support and Feedback


To optimize results and achieve the set goals, I continuously monitored the performance of the revamped email marketing strategy. I made necessary adjustments based on real-time data and insights.

Monitor and Adjust


Working closely with the team, I assisted in implementing the recommended changes and improvements. Hands-on guidance was invaluable in ensuring seamless execution.

Implement Changes


I presented the email audit results clearly and concisely to the team. My recommendations were supported by thorough explanations, outlining the expected benefits, and providing clear steps for implementation.

Present Findings and Recommendations


Based on the findings from the email audit, I crafted a list of practical and hands-on recommendations—each suggestion aimed to improve the effectiveness of the email marketing efforts, catering to their unique requirements.

Develop Actionable Recommendations


I conducted a detailed analysis of the existing email marketing strategy, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and improvement areas. When needed, I delved into technical details to troubleshoot any issues affecting the email campaigns.

Conduct a Comprehensive Email Audit


To effectively tailor the email marketing strategy, I immersed myself in the brand, target audience, and company culture. Understanding seasonal fluctuations in the business allowed me to align the marketing efforts for optimal impact.

Brand Familiarization


In the initial consultation, we thoroughly discussed with the team. We explored the company's goals, current email marketing practices, and areas for improvement. Understanding the client's familiarity with the Klaviyo platform was crucial to tailor the approach effectively.

Initial Consultation


The Process:

An iconic Canadian footwear brand sought to enhance its email marketing efforts and wanted a Klaviyo expert to provide hands-on assistance and in-depth knowledge. Unique challenges included the need for practical "how-to" guidance, tailoring email marketing efforts to the brand, and troubleshooting technical issues with a small marketing team.

The Challenge:

Recent Campaign Case Study

It was crucial to convince the client's leadership that segmentation and reducing the frequency of promotional emails were essential to revenue growth. Despite initial resistance to change, they eventually embraced the strategy.

Through multiple A/B tests focusing on segments and content, as well as reducing the number of promotions, the client's email deliverability improved significantly, and they were no longer in the red. While the number of recipients declined due to segmentation, the revenue per email recipient increased substantially.

Moreover, reducing the number of promotions per month had a positive impact on revenue. Sending a single 30% off promo resulted in more revenue generation compared to weekly 50% off promos.

The client expressed their satisfaction, stating, "Hands down, Sam is the best CRM Specialist I have ever worked with." My executional and strategic skillset provided seamless continuity after the departure of their internal CRM team member. With the implementation of my recommendations, the client's CRM marketing reached new heights, and I became a valuable asset to their marketing efforts.

My collaboration with this supplement client successfully elevated their CRM marketing, leading to enhanced deliverability, increased revenue per email recipient, and optimized promotional strategies. With a continued focus on data-driven insights and strategic planning, we set the stage for sustained revenue growth and success in their CRM marketing endeavours.


Maintaining open communication with the client, I offered continuous guidance, insights, and recommendations to support their journey of CRM marketing improvement.

Provide Ongoing Support


Continuously monitoring the performance of the implemented changes, I made necessary adjustments to optimize results and achieve the client's goals. Data-driven insights played a key role in this ongoing process.

Monitor and Optimize


Working closely with the client, I collaborated on the seamless implementation of the recommendations. Integrating these changes with their existing CRM marketing efforts ensured a smooth transition

Collaborate on Implementation


In a clear and persuasive manner,
I presented my findings and strategic recommendations to the client. I explained the rationale behind each suggestion and outlined the expected benefits.

Present Findings and Recommendations


Based on the assessment, I formulated strategic insights and guidance, emphasizing both executional and long-term planning aspects. My recommendations aimed to enhance the client's CRM marketing and drive revenue growth.

Develop Strategic Recommendations


A thorough evaluation of the client's current CRM marketing performance allowed me to pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, and areas of untapped potential.

Assess Current CRM Efforts


I rapidly familiarized myself with the client's existing CRM strategies, processes, and tools. Understanding their target audience and marketing objectives helped align my approach with their unique needs.

Rapid Onboarding


In the initial consultation, I engaged in a comprehensive discussion with the supplement client to understand their CRM marketing goals, challenges, and areas for improvement. Identifying their expectations and specific requirements was crucial for crafting an effective strategy.

Initial Consultation


The Process:

My supplement client faced critical deliverability issues resulting from sending daily promotional emails to their entire database without proper segmentation or audience nurturing. This led to promo burnout among their audience and a decline in email revenue. As a CRM Strategist, my task was to quickly adapt to their existing strategies, provide valuable insights, and bridge the gap left by a departing team member.

The Challenge:

Recent Campaign Case Study

The client expressed their satisfaction, stating, “Working with Sam over the past year has been a truly valuable experience for our men's clothing brand. Her knowledge, expertise, and kindness have made a lasting impact on our team. Sam's 'no task too small' mentality and adaptability across multiple channels and tasks have been instrumental in driving our marketing efforts forward.

Sam's strategic thinking brought fresh ideas and innovative solutions to our marketing initiatives, channel optimization, and customer behaviour segmentation. Her analytical and holistic approach ensured that her recommendations aligned seamlessly with our brand identity and customer base.

Throughout our collaboration, Sam integrated herself into our team, deeply immersing herself in our product, target audience, and company culture. Her dedication and commitment to understanding our unique needs allowed us to forge a strong partnership.

The strategic changes implemented by Sam have already yielded strong results, and we have complete trust in her judgment. With her positive and open attitude, Sam's contribution to our brand's success has been invaluable.

As we move forward, we are confident that the strategic foundation laid by Sam will continue to propel our men's clothing brand to new heights. Her insights and recommendations have played a vital role in achieving our marketing goals, and we are grateful for her contributions to our success.”


As the projects progressed, we celebrated the successful completion of milestones and the achievement of the client's goals. Together, we identified areas for further improvement and potential future projects.

Step 9: Review and Celebrate Success

Fostering a positive and collaborative working relationship, I maintained open communication with the client, providing regular updates and addressing any concerns.

Step 8: Maintain Open Communication

Continuously monitoring the results of the implemented changes, I evaluated their impact on the client's goals and made necessary adjustments to optimize performance.

Step 7: Monitor and Evaluate

Working closely with the client, I guided and supported the implementation of the recommended strategies, ensuring their adaptability and effectiveness.

Step 6: Implement Changes

Presenting my well-researched and data-driven recommendations to the client, I explained the rationale behind each suggestion and provided clear steps for seamless implementation.

Step 5: Present Recommendations

Leveraging my expertise and experience, I collaborated with the client's team to brainstorm innovative ideas grounded in best practices. These strategic initiatives spanned various marketing channels.

Step 4: Develop Strategic Initiatives

A meticulous analysis of the client's marketing efforts, customer behaviour segmentation, and channel optimization strategies revealed potential growth opportunities and areas for improvement.

Step 3: Conduct Research and Analysis

To provide tailored solutions, I seamlessly integrated with the client's team, immersing myself in their product, target audience, and company culture. This ensured that my recommendations were well-suited to their specific needs.

Step 2: Integration and Immersion

In the initial consultation, I engaged in a comprehensive discussion with the client to understand their marketing goals, current initiatives, and areas for improvement. Gaining clarity on their expectations and desired outcomes set the foundation for our collaboration.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

The Process:

The men's clothing brand client sought strategic recommendations across various marketing initiatives, channel optimizations, and customer behaviour segments. Unique challenges included the need for adaptability and flexibility, encompassing a "no task too small" mentality. The project required innovative thinking to optimize marketing efforts and develop tailored customer segmentation strategies grounded in a deep understanding of the brand, target audience, and company culture.

The Challenge:

Recent Campaign Case Study

The client's investment in the email audit and strategic guidance paved the way for long-term success in their email marketing efforts. With a solid foundation in place, they were equipped to continue refining their approach and driving even stronger results.


Throughout the implementation phase, I worked closely with the client, offering personalized support tailored to their specific needs. Whether it was technical guidance or quality checks, I ensured that the implementation aligned with the strategic plan.

Implement Changes

With the email strategy documented in the action plan, the next step was to guide the client through the implementation process. I collaborated directly with their designers and other web team members. My role was to provide guidance at every step of the implementation, ensuring that key recommendations were properly executed.

Implementation Guidance


The audit results were presented in a PowerPoint presentation, including a detailed list of recommended strategic and technical action plan items. Each recommendation was categorized by importance, ranging from critical to low priority. Additionally, comments regarding implementation requirements, resources needed, technical knowledge, and timeline were provided.

Deliverables / Format

The email audit conducted was comprehensive and custom-tailored to the client's email marketing program. Numerous email factors were assessed, and relevant insights were documented in a prioritized action plan. The audit covered all critical aspects necessary to build a robust and successful email marketing strategy that resonated with the target audience.

Email Marketing Audit


In the discovery phase, I engaged in detailed consultations with the client to understand their business goals, challenges, and target audience interests. Additionally, I delved into their business model, revenue strategy, and product offerings. This step laid the foundation for the overall email audit and strategy development.



The Process:

The client, a prominent Canadian retail clothing chain with three distinct menswear brands, sought to improve the effectiveness of its email marketing efforts. The primary objectives were to increase revenue generated through targeted emails and reduce daily batch, and blast email send volume. Due to bandwidth limitations, I took on the responsibility of writing copy for all recommended email flows for all brands and also created the flows in Kalviyo for all brands.

The Challenge:

Recent Campaign Case Study

Sales Increase

15.7 times

CVR Increase

5.5 times

CTR Increase

1.5 times


Yes - targeting individual segments requires extra effort, but this case study shows us some segments can be small and mighty!

Like many online businesses, our client has a number of customers who have made one or two significant purchases, but do not visit or buy on a regular basis. This ‘valuable not loyal’ group represented approximately 17% of their base, and this fashion retailer wanted to increase the frequency of spend for this group.

Together with the client, we developed a special campaign thanking customers for their past purchases, and inviting them to purchase again, along with an offer tailored to them.

A week later we measured the open rate, click rate, and purchase conversion rate, and compared them with the client’s previous email campaign, sent to a broader, untargeted audience. While the open rate and click rate were both 1.5x higher in the new campaign, the purchase conversion rate was an astounding 5.5x higher!

The client not only found that more people were buying, but that the average purchase price had also increased, meaning that overall the new, segmented email campaign yielded sales 15.7x higher than the previous campaign!

Recent Campaign Case Study










$73.5k In Sales

2.5x ROI

3 Months


$73,500 in revenue from the two campaigns - 2.5 x ROI in just 3 months!

Our client, a boutique travel company, was struggling to convert website browsers into customers, unable to engage or create loyal, return customers out of them, despite heavy website traffic.

By working with the travel company to implement a series of targeted, triggered email campaigns we were able to help them:

  • Boost engagement on their site
  • Increase Itinerary Downloads
  • Drive revenue

To achieve these goals we built the company two types of dynamic campaigns - these are brilliantly effective because they require only one workflow, but automatically personalize the content with the tour or product the client had viewed!

Recent Campaign Case Study

In Product Sold


Increase in AOV


 Increase in Items Browsed 


This increased the brand’s Average Order Value, as customers were being exposed to more complimentary items to add to their cart. The AOV of these customers increased by 26% after our targeted campaign, and as high as 35% some months!

One of our online fashion retailer clients managed to grow their online order value by 26% last year through the email marketing strategy we implemented.

By getting super clear on their customer journey map, we were able to create a campaign of timely and relevant emails, offering personalized recommendations based on their previous purchases using smart, targeted remarketing.

1 in 7 of the store’s transactions involved clicking on these ‘recommended’ products in their emails, and because customers had a more personalized and engaging experience, they browsed an average of 22 items per session, 3.5x more than the site average. 

Recent Campaign Case Study

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