What Is A Triggered Email Campaign?


During the lifecycle of a customer in your email list, there will be plenty of events worthy of celebration. Each of these are opportunities to ‘trigger’ emails that create a deeper relationship between your brand and the customer and prompt them to purchase. In this week’s blog, I’ve outlined some great options for triggered email marketing campaigns that can nurture your audience, feel super personalized and relevant, and ultimately drive engagement and revenue!

Automatically triggered email campaigns can be one of the most effective ways to drive engagement with your audience because they happen immediately after an action is taken.

But let’s start with the basics: What is a triggered email campaign?

You can use these sorts of emails for a variety of different engagement, sales generating and nurturing purposes within your business, whether it’s to onboard a new customer, reward them for loyalty or nudge someone into action.‍

Because these emails are only sent when they’re triggered by an action, they have the benefit of feeling personalized and relevant, meaning they usually result in increased opening rates, higher engagement and fewer clicks on that ‘unsubscribe’ button!

Here’s a rundown of 6 of the most common types of ‘Triggered’ email campaigns you might use:

  1. Welcome Email: When a new customer signs up, downloads something, or otherwise joins your email list – it’s only polite to lay down the welcome mat. This could be a one-off or a short sequence, and the purpose is to welcome them into your world and help them get to know you!
  2. Abandoned Cart Email: There’s no better way to gently nudge a prospective client into purchasing action than by reminding them of something you know they actively wanted to buy! An abandoned cart email should arrive soon enough that it’s fresh in their mind, but long enough to serve as a memory jog (between 4-24 hours is typical).
  3. Inactivity: If a normally loyal customer has gone AWOL, an email can be triggered after a certain time has elapsed to remind them you’re still there, and perhaps even incentivize them to return! ‘We Miss You!’ can go a long way, especially as people are so busy, and often have genuinely just forgotten to pop by.
  4. Reminder emails: If your customer signed up for a specific promotion, discount code or offer, and has yet to redeem it, an automatically triggered reminder that they’re about to miss out could be just the ticket to prompt them to swing by and take advantage of that deal!
  5. Celebration Email: A classic but a goodie. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or heck – even a half birthday! Occasions you have on record are a great way to remind your customer you’re there and make them feel a little bit special at the same time.
  6. Survey Email: These work really well as a post-purchase triggered email. Sending a survey to get feedback on a customer’s experience with your eCommerce business, products or customer service is a great way to keep engagement high and ensure they know you value them too!

What other triggered emails do you use in your eCommerce business? Let me know if I’ve missed any gems in the comments below.

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